You can see which schemes are available for purchase in our scheme catalogue. You can either scroll down to see all the different schemes or search for a particular scheme by writting a key word in the Search field.

In order to purchase EQA schemes you need to become an EMQN member by registering here. There is no membeship Fee.


You can purchase a scheme by logging in to your EMQN account and selecting Purchase in the left hand menu. You can then browse the schemes that are available and filter them by various categories. Once you have found the scheme  you wish to purchase, please double click on the scheme Title then on Add to Basket at the top right of the screen. 

To complete your purchase click on the orange shopping trolley icon at the the top right of the screen and review your order. If you want the purchase order to appear on your invoice you can enter it on the bottom line. 

please then click on PROCEED TO CHECK OUT, then scroll down and click on BUY NOW.

We offer discounts if you purchase multiple schemes at once. To qualify for a discount all schemes must be purchased at the same time.

Because we need to manufacture materials based on the number of registrants, schemes are only available to order for a limited period of time. In an ordinary year, for the majority of schemes,  registration opens in September.

How do I know if my order is confirmed?

All orders are subject to approval, and we will try to do this within 24 hours of you placing your order. The account's Primary Contact will receive an email confirmation when the Order has been approved. You can also check your orders by logging in to your EMQN account selecting Orders on the left men.  If an order is rejected, you will be given the reason for this in the confirmation e-mail. This is usually because a scheme is over subscribed.

I have missed the registration date, what can I do?

Once registration is closed you will not be able to purchase schemes via the website. We can sometimes accept late registrations depending on our stock of material, and the maximum number of places for a particular scheme. 

Please contact us , we will register you manually if we can.

What are the terms and conditions of EQA scheme participation?

You can find our full terms and conditions here.