The laboratory summary page is where you can update your laboratory details and address. It is important to keep these up to date so you receive communications and samples are sent to the correct place. To see your lab details first log in and select Laboratory Summary from the left hand menu.

Lab ID

Your Lab ID or Organisation number is a unique number that identifies your organisation. For labs this is a four digit number such as 9999. For billing organisations this is a four digit number prefixed with ACC such as ACC9876. If you need to contact EMQN it is always useful if you provide us with this number. 

Lab Name

You cannot change your laboratory name yourself. This is the name that will appear on any certificate of participation or laboratory report. If you wish to change your lab name please contact us.

Laboratory Details

Clicking Edit Laboratory Details will allow you to edit your Tax Code, EORI Number (For EU labs only) and Orphanet (EUGT) number.

Contact Details and Addresses

You can change the Primary Contact details (such as their email address and phone number) and Primary Address by clicking on the pencil icon next to the Primary Contact. We will send all official documents and reports to the person at this address. If you wish to make a new person the primary contact see this article.

You can change the billing details, billing contact, billing address and billing organisation by clicking on the pencil icon next to billing. To change the billing contact to a new person click on Change Contact. You can change the billing organisation that your invoice will be addressed to by clicking on Change Organisation and can alter the billing address by entering your details in the Billing address box. 

You can change the delivery address by clicking on the pencil icon next to Delivery. This is the address to which your samples will be delivered and doesn't have to be the same as your laboratory address. It can even be in another country.


If you wish to change your distributor you can do this by selecting Change Distributor on the right hand side. Distributors are other organisations that EMQN work with in different countries and regions to facilitate the shipping of samples. Depending on which distributor you select this may affect the price of schemes when you purchase them, and the currency that you will be billed in.


If you have had any vouchers applied to your account then they will appear here. Vouchers can be used at the time of purchase to get a discount on your schemes.