From time to time, laboratories may require replacement samples (due to technical error, sample mix ups etc). Replacement samples cannot be guaranteed, but will be sent if available. There is a charge to cover the costs associated with sending replacement samples unless the repeat samples are required due to an error by EMQN or a partner. 

For 2022 these are detailed below:

  • Lung, Colorectal and Melanoma (1-4 samples) £90 
  • Lung, Colorectal and Melanoma (5-7 samples) £160 
  • Lung, Colorectal and Melanoma (8-10 samples / full set) £230 
  • Oncogene panel (1-3 samples / full set) £240
  • All other schemes £60

Please see our 2022 participant guide for more information. The fee may be carried forward to your next invoice. Labs registered through a third party may be invoiced separately by that party.

You can request repeat samples here.

If your organisation has previously raised a PO number then you may need to adjust this to take account of costs associated with replacement samples.

If you need to request additional material because you are using a technology that requires larger volumes of DNA then we will apply a charge equivalent to that which would have been applied if you had ordered the extra material at the time of registration. Please see the Purchase page of your EMQN account for prices.