EMQN will communicate all scheme related information to the Primary User, and may also send updates to the other users on the account. Please ensure that these emails are correct and kept up to date. If you are not receiving emails from EMQN please check your junk email folder and mark any emails from EMQN as not junk.

Sometimes emails are pre-filtered out as SPAM by systems administrators and are never delivered to user's inboxes. If your contact address is correct and there are no e-mails in your Junk e-mail folder please check with your systems administrator to see if they can whitelist emails from EMQN.

Some email providers such as qq.com and foxmail.com block emails from UK IP ranges as a matter of course. In this case we setting up another email account (e.g., gmail), change your EMQN contact email address to the new address and put on an Auto Forward from the gmail address to your blocked email address.

If users unsubscribe from receiving marketing e-mails they must contact EMQN if they also wish their account to be closed. If the account remains active, transactional emails will continue to be sent to the registered e-mail address even if unsubscribed.

We provide much of the same information sent by email on our website or on our Twitter feed.

If you need any further information please Contact Us.