EMQN has arrangements with several organisations who support laboratories with their participation in EQA schemes. 

The distributors/agent operate in: 

  • Australasia (Agent) - using the EMQN distributor is strongly advised. If you do not use EMQN you will be required to provide and AQIS permit. 
  • China (Agent) - using the EMQN distributor is mandatory due to import regulations.
  • Italy (Agent) - using the EMQN distributor is advisory. 
  • Switzerland (Agent)- using the EMQN distributor is mandatory due to import regulations.
  • Turkey (Agent) - using the EMQN distributor is advisory. 
  • EU - EMQN distribute samples into the EU via a company based in the EU. 

We may also use other 3rd parties to assist in the import of of samples in to certain countries. If an Agent operates in your area you will be asked when applying to chose the agent. This may or may not be a choice as detailed above. You can also change you agent in your EMQN Account but you should not change your agent to EMQN if you are based in China or Switzerland. 

Choosing an agent has many benefits, the main one being they will receive samples and send them on to you so you do not have to deal with import regulations. Your Agent will invoice you in your own currency and you can speak to your Agent if you need assistance in your own language. There is a small additional cost for using an agent included in the scheme price.

We use an EU based company to distribute sample in the EU. This helps minimise an issues on import paperwork and means duty is not payable by the receiving lab. Specific to Spain, this means labs based in Spain do not have to seek authorisation to import and pay any licence fees. 

Whilst we use agents and distributors we are still keen to resolve any issues with countries with barriers to receiving samples. If you would like to assist EMQN in the following areas please contact us (India, Vietnam, Brazil).