How to apply for an EMQN Account

You can apply for an account on our website or by clicking Apply Here.  All applications are subject to an approval process which usually takes 24 hours. We will check all the required information has been supplied and that you do not have an account already.  We will contact you with any questions. If approved or rejected you will be informed by email. When an account is approved you and any other people on the account will be asked to set a password. Once you have access to the account you can purchase schemes. 

Agents and Distributors

During the application process you may be asked to choose and Agent. An agent will act as an importer of the samples on your behalf and will ship the samples to you, act as a local contact and invoice your organisation in your own currency. You will not have to deal with any customs related issues. We have Agents in some countries which are mandatory, that is you must use that agent and in other countries this is your choice. We strongly encourage the use of agents to save time and so you do not have to deal with any import issues.

  • Australia - Agent is your choice
  • China - Agent is mandatory
  • Italy -  Agent is your choice 
  • Switzerland - Agent is mandatory
  • Turkey - Agent is your choice

The agent can be changed in you account but please be aware that if you have placed an order from EMQN and change to an agent, the original order will still be sent from EMQN direct to your organisation. It is best to select the agent BEFORE you purchase any schemes in a given year. If you need us to cancel and order and resubmit it with an agent in place. please contact us. 

EU based Organisations

EMQN uses an EU based distributor as samples are dispatched from the UK. As the samples will be sent onward from the EU based distributor, EU based organisations should have no issues receiving the samples. This means no additional taxes or duties are payable and no licences are required.