The majority of the EQA schemes provided by EMQN have a participation fee. However, some EQA schemes are sponsored by third-party organisations e.g., pharmaceutical companies. This could mean that part or all the participation fee is not chargeable, and this will be clear when purchasing the EQA scheme. Schemes which are fully sponsored are charged at ¬£0 GBP. 

If you only register to participate in EQA schemes where the fee is entirely covered by sponsorship, you will not receive an invoice.

In some cases, the agreement to sponsor an EMQN EQA scheme may happen after registration to participate has opened. In this situation, EMQN will ensure that all participants benefit from the sponsorship and adjust any invoices accordingly. 

Please note organisation’s must not use the details of a 3rd party sponsor as their registered bill payer (name, address, email address) even if they are only participating in sponsored schemes. We require each organisation to provide its own billing details.