If EMQN is your agent, EMQN uses DHL for shipping its samples. We can use other courier such as Fed Ex if requested. You will receive a notification from DHL when a shipment is booked providing the details. This will be sent to the Primary Contact or named delivery contact.

The responsibility is on the receiver to release any samples stuck in customs, commonly goods will be held as they require information from the receiver. We may still charge for scheme if there is no attempt to release the goods. 

  • Samples to the UK usually arrive next day. 
  • Samples the EU usually arrive in 5 days. 
  • Samples to the rest of the world usually arrive in 5 days.

If you have an agent, samples will be shipped to your agent by EMQN. Your agent will arrange onward shipment. 

If you do not receive samples you can track them using the tracking number you will have been sent. Please contact us with any concerns.

Classification of Goods

EMQN classifies its samples in accordance with IATA guidance. The majority of samples are not classified as dangerous goods and are called Exempt Human Specimens. Where goods pose any risk to they will be classed as UN3373 Biological Substance Category B. If shipped on Dry Ice, they will also have a further Dangerous Goods classification UN1845. 

All customers are advise to check they can receive goods of this nature before placing the order. In some countries licences may be required to import goods of this nature. We can provide classification information, please contact us.

Delivery Charges

Delivery costs are included in the price of the scheme for almost all our schemes and are not charged separately.

There are two exceptions:

  1. When ordering the SARS-Covid scheme. See Costs of Participation for more details.
  2. When ordering replacement / additional samples after the main samples distribution has been dispatched.

Taxes, Duties and other costs

If you are not using an Agent and are not based in the EU duties and taxes may be applied to the shipment by your local customs. EMQN pay duty where we are able. Duty and Taxes are usually based on the valuation of the goods and EMQN declare a nominal valuation for the physical samples as most of the cost of the scheme is in the marking and assessment. 

E.g., Scheme Cost £300, Cost of samples £10, Cost of Marking and Assessment £290. Only the £10 will be declared on any commercial invoice. 

EMQN does not pay any other costs which maybe applied locally such as customs inspections or additional licence costs. 

Charges can sometime be applied to free schemes, and any charges are payable by the receiver.