If you are not satisfied with the assessment of an EQA scheme in which you have participated, you can submit an appeal by logging into your EMQN account. Details of how and when to do this can be found in the pre-appeals Summary Scheme Report which is published at the same time as your provisional ILR.  The video below explains how to submit an appeal. N.B. there is no right to appeal in a Pilot EQA scheme. We will send reminder to all contacts about Appeals deadlines. 

Your results will be re-evaluated by the assessment team and if upheld, some or all marks will be returned; this will be reflected in your final ILR. Appellants are usually given 3 weeks to submit an appeal from the date of the publication of the provisional ILRs. We will not accept appeals made outside of this timeframe. Thereafter the marks become final. Please remember that the primary aim of EQA is to be educational, not punitive, and that we are trying to assist laboratories in their continuous efforts towards a higher quality of service.