How do I include a purchase order number on my invoice?

EMQN does not require a purchase order number / bon de commande in order to process your order. However, if your institution requires that a purchase order number appears on your invoice in order for it to be paid, please add the purchase order number to the PO Number field when making a purchase. You can also add the purchase order number after the sale has been completed by signing in to your account, clicking on orders, locating your order in the list and adding your PO. If you make multiple orders in a scheme year, all of them will appear on your invoice. If you make additional purchases, for example because you need to order repeat samples, you may need to raise an additional PO.

If you raise an internal PO request which is sent to us via your Purchasing Department please ensure this references your Lab ID number and Primary Contact in the body of the text of the PO. This is particularly important for organisations with centralised Purchasing Departments who may have multiple accounts. If you do not include your lab ID, or at a minimum your Lab name, we will not be able to associate your PO with your account and it will not be included on your invoice.

Only schemes purchased through the website result in a registration. Sending us a PO on its own does not constitute an official order or registration.

How do I include my Tax ID / VAT number on my invoice?

We do require your TAX ID if your lab is based in South America, Spain, the UK or your country requires the tax ID to be displayed on the invoice in order to make payment. Otherwise, our team does not require your tax ID, but you may supply it to us if you would like the Tax ID to be listed on your EMQN invoice. Please see the article on Adding a VAT or EORI number to your account for instructions on how to do this. 

When are invoices sent?

We invoice once a year, typically in April, once registration for all our schemes has closed. This means you may be invoiced for some schemes before they have run. The primary contact and bill payer will receive the invoice by e-mail. It is therefore important that the details on your account are up to date.

If you wish to be invoiced early please contact us.

The information on my invoice is incorrect. What do I do?

The information on your invoice is pulled directly from the information you have provided in your account. If this information is incorrect you will need to first correct it in your account and then contact us so we can amend it on your invoice. If you do not change the information in your account your next invoice will also be wrong. It is your responsibility to keep this information up to date and we will send out reminders each year asking you to check that it is correct. You will also be asked to check this information when making a purchase.

Can you provide me with a quote?

Yes! Please contact us and provide your Lab ID or lab name alongside a list of the schemes you would like to purchase.

I keep receiving statements even though I have paid.

If you keep receiving statements it usually means there is a remaining balance on your account. This may be because your finance department has paid the wrong amount, or because you have raised a PO and then later made an additional purchase which the PO did not cover. In this case it is not unusual for finance departments to only pay the amount in the initial PO. Your finance department may also have failed to take into account bank charges or used an incorrect exchange rate, leading to us receiving less funds into our account than are on the invoice. In all these circumstances please contact us and we will work with you to ensure everything is paid correctly. 

Can you provide me with a copy invoice?

Yes! If you need a copy invoice please contact us with your EMQN Lab ID and we will send you one.