Making Changes To Your Account

Most information can be updated by a person with the correct permissions which is the Primary Contact and any other user with Laboratory Admin permissions. 

Only the Primary Contact (usually the person who opened the account) can add new staff. Each account can have up to 10 users  added to it. There is no charge for these extra users and 10 is the maximum. We have helpful video on Managing Users here.

Your personal information can be changed in the User Preferences > Account setting section. You can change your name and contact information.  Due to security, users must not pass their account onto someone else using this function. All changes are sent to the EMQN Team to approve. 

To add a new member of staff and/or change Primary Contact use the Manage Staff function

What if our Primary Contact has left the organisation? 

If your Primary Contact has left and you do not have any access to the account please Contact Us with your details. 

Updating Laboratory Details

Laboratory Details are updated in the Laboratory Summary section. 

Here you can edit the laboratory details and add you Tax ID number, Orphanet Number or EORI number. 


In the same section you can edit some of the contact information for your delivery and billing organisation by clicking on the pen symbol next to each section. You cannot change the Organisation name or Billing Organisation name, to do this please Contact Us with the information noting we need this to come from the Primary Contact. Here you can also change your Distributor.