Samples are dispatched to participants at different points throughout the year depending on the scheme type. You can find dates in the Scheme Calendar section of the website.

Please note that the information in the Scheme Calendar is a guide only and dates are subject to change. If we provide a month (for example: June 2023) rather than a specific date, this indicates, for example, that the result submission deadline will be during that month, it does NOT indicate the deadline is the last day of the month given. When the month of an EQA activity is not yet confirmed, it is marked as TBC (To Be Confirmed). We update this information on a regular basis.

The easiest way to view key dates relating to our EQA schemes is to view the EQA Scheme Calendar /Timetable on our website found here.  Click on the Scheme Year to download a PDF of the calendar.

We also broadcast via Twitter (@EMQNOffice) and the Scheme Instructions, once published, also highlight key deadlines, timelines, and results submission information.

We will communicate key deadlines by email to all contacts on an EMQN account. Please contact us if you are unsure of publication dates.If you cannot find the answer to your query, please contact us.